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Amanda Davis
Amy, Sapphire, Blue Hawk

August 3, 1921
5'8" (1.73m)
139 lbs (63.1kg)

Squad Leader, Team Member
Death From Above

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Amanda 'Amy' Davis, leader of Death From Above (DFA) squad.

 REAPERS League - Veteran Squad Series. The qualifiers for this Tenth Edition of the League have remained quite close in the top of the scoreboard to know which of the Veteran Squads will be on the list to fight for this edition of the League. With several recognized names from previous tournaments fighting to qualify directly, the DFA (Death From Above) mercenary squad is currently awaiting the results of the rest of the matches after defeating, along with The Clash and Lighting Crew, the red team formed by THUNDER, Hellraiser and Silver Wolves in an intense aerial battle over the Valkyrie desert.

Amanda Davis 'Amy', current leader of DFA and owner of the Mark III Hawk Fighter 'Sapphire', held the top of the leaderboard for almost all the time of the dogfight, having a not inconsiderable number of 14 planes shot down, 4 of them heavy fighters, and 31 ground kills after gunning at the 'Team Domination Hill' match that took place on land at the same time. Battle in which the blue team was also victorious.


In the event of the correct combination of results, this would be the second time in a row that the DFA squad has qualified directly for the League, and thus the first success in Amy's career as the squad leader, who, from this year she will take the place of former leader Rasmus Bach, now a retired veteran after competing in the last five editions of the League.

Amy Davis made her first appearance in the REAPERS League - Rookie Series on the Eight Edition in 1941 at age of 21, qualifying on her first try thanks to her five years military experience and specializing that same Tournament as a fighter pilot, explosives and AT weapons. Said specializations, plus her high skills in combat, caught the attention of Rasmus Bach, inviting her to join to the DFA squad to which she agreed, fighting then along with team Hellhounds and being eliminated later in the tournament. Three years later, for the Ninth Edition of the League, Amy's performance earned her the trust of Rasmus, becoming his 'right-hand' for that tournament, in which the name of DFA was consolidated as one of the best squads in aerial warfare, being hired by team Unified2Kill, but also without luck to advance to the final rounds of the tournament.

The Tenth Edition of the REAPERS League has arrived, and DFA has a new face at the head after Bach's retirement,... Will this squad finally manage to consolidate their good performances with a Championship now with Amy as the leader?



'Listen to me, you bold sack of shit... there are three things that will never lack in my life; one, a good bottle of whiskey like this; two, a Mark III Hawk Fighter ready and loaded with high explosive armour-piercing rounds... Yeah, those big blue-tipped ammo...; and three, a belt full of the same blue-tipped fuckers for my AT rifle. Now you fuckin dipshit better watch that fuckin head of yours on the field cuz belive me, armed and drunk, i won't be able to tell the difference between friend or foe...'

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